Deciding where to put your marketing dollars is a tough decision to make especially if you aren’t familiar with marketing ROI metrics.  Don Costa, a flipper and wholesaler in Northern California gives valuable insight on how to determine what marketing is working and where to put your precious dollars in order to get the best results.

Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by Don Costa and they talk about the evolution of marketing.

[00:03:55] – Don Costa’s background

[00:06:13] – Discussing marketing tactics

[00:08:30] – Humans love making assumptions

[00:11:41] – Marketing using postcards

[00:16:21] – The reason why most people struggle

Quotes from the Episode:

“the key is to understand that sweet spot and how to get into that sweet spot and stay in that sweet spot. And the only way to do that is through tracking the data, tracking the information in your marketing.” [00:09:18]

“you gotta make sure that your, your followup systems are in check because you could be bringing in leads and quality leads“ [00:19:01]

“if you do follow up properly, you have the right systems for it and the processes in place for it, and you, you utilize it the right way, it can be the best marketing for you.” [00:20:30]

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