Episode Summary:

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate investing industry, Paul Lizell has been through multiple market cycles as well as changed his business model. So how can you keep your marketing in line with your business with so many changes? Paul gives us the strategies he implements when changing his marketing and how to use the market to guide the direction.

[00:03:54] – Paul Lizell’s background

[00:06:27] – How Paul evolve in his marketing and judging the market

[00:09:07] – How to consistently flip property 

[00:16:07] – What to do when forced to do sales over the phone

Quotes from the Episode:

“But also we are going after all the wholesalers that have deals right now potentially too, if we could scoop up a deal that we really think is a great deal, we’ll still pick that up” [00:09:30]

“Going to a market like Laredo, Texas, where there’s not heavy competition. You can get a lot more slam dunk deals.“ [00:13:25]

“And there’s some people that do billboards out here and it works for them, but then there’s a lot of people that do like direct mail still, and they do.“ [00:16:25]

“We’re targeting audiences as far as like off Craigslist, Backpage, which isn’t really used too much anymore and those things.“ [00:20:25]

Resources & Links: 

Connect with Paul!
REO Auction Academy: https://www.reoauctionacademy.com/auto-webinar-registration
Email: paullizell@gmail.com
Flipping Out Podcast: https://thevirtualinvestor.co/introduction-to-flipping-out/

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