Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by Jesse Burrell and they talk about the importance of relevant marketing to your audience.

[00:03:35] – Jesse Burrell’s background

[00:11:07] – Text messaging

[00:13:27] – Doing Facebook marketing the right way

[00:23:49] – The example of how branding is done today

[00:25:49] – Change in digital marketing over the years

Quotes from the Episode:

“I’ve invested in myself for about the past six years. And so I’m able to service my, my, my clients a lot better because I know the industry.“ [00:16:37]

“we need to understand, first of all, what skip tracing is, and let’s talk about skip tracing first, and then we’ll go into lead stacking.” [00:18:45]

Resources & Links:

Josh Culler
Email – josh@cullermedia.com

Jesse Burrell

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