Using Cold Callers In Your Marketing ft. Elizabeth Navarrete

Cold calling is a big lead source for a lot of real estate investors, but how do you get the most out of that marketing/sales channel? Another thing to think about is demographics. Elizabeth Navarrete, a wholesaler in Houston, has a large demographic of Hispanics so she has Spanish speaking cold callers as well.

Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by Elizabeth Navarette and they talk about the importance of tracking in marketing.

[00:03:35] – Elizabeth Navarette’s background

[00:06:39] – How to keep track of KPIs effectively

[00:10:27] – Marketing to the Spanish and Hispanics

[00:16:49] – Elevator pitch about wholescaling live newsletter

Quotes from the Episode:

“That’s why tracking your KPIs is so important because you need to know what’s converting, what’s not” [00:06:45]

“ that’s my point here, is understanding who your audience is and marketing to that. So I talk about, you know, when, when you’re doing content, understanding where you’re , who your audience is and where they’re at.“ [00:11:21]

“And any marketing in general, you’ve got to hit the pain points, right? So you’re a distressed seller, you’ve gone through a divorce, you inherited a property after you lost a loved one. You got to hit those pain points and, and obviously respectfully,” [00:15:34]

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