Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by Mike Hambright and they talk about building credibility and testimonials in real estate.

[00:03:54] – Mike Hambright’s background

[00:07:27] – The proper method to lead gen

[00:09:07] – Hustle hard during the early phase

[00:10:07] – Thoughts on bandit signs

[00:19:07] – Perspective on junk mails

Quotes from the Episode:

“We need customers coming in our door all the time as real estate investors. And for most real estate investors, that means a phone call there.” [00:07:30]

“ You’re not having a lot of money. When you get started, you just have to hustle more“ [00:09:25]

“I’m not a big fan of bandit signs. I kind of feel like anything that you have to do in the dark of night, it has the word bandit in it is not a sustainable marketing strategy. But yeah, no, not if you’ve got to do that to get started or whatever. That’s, that’s fine. That’s your prerogative.” [00:10:37]

“Like at some point, you know, things move on. All these lists have a shelf life.” [00:15:37]

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Josh Culler
Email – josh@cullermedia.com

Mike Hambright



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