Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by John Martinez and they talk about how to use text and email in marketing in real estate.

[00:06:05] – John Martinez’s background

[00:08:27] – The advantage of using short videos in social media

[00:12:07] – Sending referrals and receiving them

[00:15:07] – Getting pushbacks from social media marketers

[00:19:27] – Always be tweaking marketing campaigns

Quotes from the Episode:

“Marketing, you go to where the eyeballs are, right. So right now the eyeballs are, um, basically on a lot of eyeballs on social media and online in general. When we talk about what those eyeballs are looking at, they love short videos or height.” [00:07:30]

“Oh, I’ll talk about why I love working with real estate agents and why I was so surprised because real estate agents and investors kind of were like oil and water for a long time. “ [00:11:37]

“There’s no marketing company, no marketing guru who’s going to set up an ad campaign once and go, bang, done, walk away.” [00:16:37]

Resources & Links:

Josh Culler
Email – josh@cullermedia.com

John Martinez

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