The Lead Conversion Process ft. Dan Schwartz CEO of InvestorFuse

Episode Summary:

If you’ve ever wondered where sales and marketing cross over with each other, well here’s your answer. The conversion process (follow up) mostly gets put into the sales funnel, when in reality, it’s a lot more marketing than anything. Understanding the journey that a lead takes in order to make them convert, is something not a lot of real estate investors think about. Dan Schwartz, CEO of InvestorFuse, let’s us in on the truth behind what makes a lead convert.

[00:05:44] – Dan Schwartz’s background
[00:08:13] – Differences between marketing and lead conversion
[00:10:37] – Nurturing leads through a pipeline
[00:16:20] – Using new tools like AI and bots
[00:19:45] – Thoughts on automation

Quotes from the Episode:

“From a content perspective, when it comes to a follow up, you're gonna want to use
automation as a way to enhance the human component of a business.” [00:17:18]

“So at the end of the day, the point of automation is to enhance the human element of
your business. And you can use automation all the way up to the point of a first
capture.“ [00:18:05]

“You really need to think about the first principles of marketing, which is just contacting
people, speaking at their level of understanding and following up with them until they're
ready to work with you.” [00:24:35]

Resources & Links:

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