Strategies for Marketing in Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary Markets ft. Bill Allen

On this episode Josh is joined by Bill Allen is the CEO and owner of 7 Figure Flipping, where he helps lead the top house flipping and wholesaling mentoring groups in the nation. Bill and Josh discuss marketing and data. 

[00:05:08] – Bill Allen and 7 Figure Flipping’s background

[00:09:08] – Marketing to primary markets versus secondary/tertiary markets                       

  1. Look at your market
  2. Look at your skills and time
  3. Own the zip code, master it before you expand  

[00:13:11] – Transitioning your marketing. Why reduce direct mail?

[00:19:56] – What are some changes to your marketing in the current time due to The COVID-19 pandemic?

Quotes from the Episode:  

“In a sub market it might be a little easier to find a deal but harder to sell it as a wholesaler, and in a primary market it’s going to be more expensive and harder to find the deal but you can sell it really fast.” [00:09:39]

“Do one thing. Do it really well, and track your numbers.” [00:16:37]

“If no one is doing a specific marketing channel A) it may be a good idea to actually go after it and B) learn it correctly or find someone who does know how to do it.” [00:18:49]


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