Marketing in Secondary & Tertiary Markets ft. Tag Thompson

If there’s one thing about marketing that rings true is that not all marketing works in every market. If you’re in a primary market, what you’re doing there to real leads in isn’t necessarily going to work in a secondary or tertiary market. Tag Thompson operates his real estate business in multiple different markets, so on this episode, I’m having him talk about the different marketing his does within the markets he operates in.

Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by Tag Thompson and they talk about how to be continue to be relevant in your online marketing.

[00:06:14] – Tag Thompson’s background

[00:10:27] – The situation in a three-tier market

[00:12:07] – Honing on the marketing mindset

[00:16:07] – Adapting to the way people communicate

[00:21:23] – The value prop for

Quotes from the Episode:

“All of our marketing is proactive, so we’re going to people and not waiting on them to give us a call. Um, and we just, we started that about two and a half years ago and found it to be just incredibly effective and we will love it.” [00:11:30]

“The mindset of the marketing, because a lot of times people think that, you know, you’ve got, it’s bootstrapping. You’ve got to just do the marketing just because, but there’s a lot of philosophy.“ [00:13:25]

“Multiple people on the show here that stopped doing text message marketing because they felt like it was not ethical and it had, you know, that kind of connotation to it.“ [00:19:25]

“ is built by investors for investors. I think this is extremely helpful for people, especially if you are looking to get into or you already into virtual wholesaling and doing deals.” [00:21:25]

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

Tag Thompson

Lets Go Offer

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