“If you’re a true marketer, then you are pretty good with your KPI’s and know the ROI on your marketing.”

Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by Steve Trang and they talk about how to be disruptive and have a competitive advantage. 

[00:06:14] – Steve Trang’s background

[00:12:27] – When in times as this, you shouldn’t cut your spending

[00:13:07] – Why being analytical is not an option

[00:16:07] – Where are the hottest markets right now

[00:21:23] – On developing the winning mindset and strategy

Quotes from this Episode:

“we’re telling our students is don’t change anything. Don’t spend more. Don’t spend less. You can’t, if you can avoid spending less, don’t spend less. Uh, and the reason why is there’s just going to be more opportunities for the same amount of spent.” [00:10:30]

“ I tell people this all the time, like I’m a, I’m a creative and I’m not analytical in the least bit, so I hate numbers. They make me want to throw up, but it’s something that I realized early on in my business that I have to do it, even though I hate it..“ [00:13:25]

“We’ll put your landmines under the welcome mat and the sofa cushions under the kitchen table.“ [00:19:25]

Resources & Links: 

Steve Trang


Joe Polish

Dan Kennedy

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