How to Leverage Content Marketing in Your REI Business ft. John Martinez


Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by John Martinez and they talk about leveraging content marketing for real estate businesses.

[00:06:11] – John Martinez’s background

[00:07:36] – How to use video content to get results?

[00:09:29] – Getting starting creating videos and not overthinking

[00:11:29] – How real estate agents and investors can work with each other

[00:14:57] – Building Facebook ads funnels the right way

[00:18:29] – How to track ads

Quotes from the Episode:

“A lot of people don’t get into content marketing because they overthink it and they make it more complex than what it needs to be“ [00:09:31]

“So for videos I track are people watching them. Number one, how much does it cost for me to get someone to watch my video. Number two, I look at what’s the cost per click.” [00:18:53]

“Drive people to your website to purchase products to get on to the services and actually pull the trigger and make a conversion.” [00:20:05]

“Produce a high quality product that no I’ve got high ethical standards. Those are the people I’d want to attract.” [00:24:46]


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