Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by Todd Swaggerty and they talk about how to test different approach in real estate marketing.

[00:06:14] – Todd Swaggerty’s background

[00:10:27] – Getting leads with postcards

[00:12:07] – Honing in on your customers problem and trying to solve

[00:16:07] – Adapting to the way people communicate

[00:21:23] – Gaining momentum in your marketing efforts

Quotes from the Episode:

“I’m an engineer type mind. I want to do letters. I don’t want to pay a buck for. I’m it cause at the time that’s kind of how it was. And let me, let me start doing this stuff myself. Probably machines to do it myself.” [00:07:30]

“Your leads are paramount. You can’t overload bad leads by a quality mail piece and get deals.“ [00:13:25]

“Now there’s a timing of the person, and so you want to cultivate your leads to think that they have some sort of distress through stacking, through web scraping and all of that.“ [00:19:25]

“It’s hard to get momentum off social media and stuff like that, but you can, it’s hard to get a momentum off texting and cold calling unless you’re doing just lost the momentum with texting.” [00:21:25]

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Josh Culler
Email – josh@cullermedia.com

Todd Swaggerty

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