Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by Max Keller and they talk about effective targeted marketing in real estate.

[00:03:55] – Max Keller’s background

[00:08:27] – Steps after marketing to close the deal

[00:10:07] – Self check on your own motivations

[00:15:07] – How to not get trapped in pricing strategy

Quotes from the Episode:

“Marketing is important. You have to get somebody’s attention. But then what do you do with the attention? So my philosophy and was getting me results, and I have my book program.” [00:08:30]

“ Check what’s in your heart. People can sense your true motivations. You can’t cover them up with just messages. If your true heart is to help people and serve first in your heart. Not the messaging, but in your heart, people pick up on that.“ [00:10:55]

“one of the ways that you stand out the most is because you’re delivering the value. Instead of just saying, we buy, we will buy your house, and then they call and then the investor offers.” [00:12:37]

“Yeah. And then the investor offers a, you know, a low ball price. And then at that point you’re just like, you know, you have to get into a bidding war, so don’t, so don’t get into that position.”[00:15:37]

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Josh Culler
Email – josh@cullermedia.com

Max Keller


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