Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by Michael Singletary and they talk about building credibility and testimonials in real estate.

[00:04:14] – Michael Singletary’s background

[00:12:27] – How to create a solid video marketing strategy

[00:18:07] – How to attract leads with the appropriate strategy

[00:20:07] – Adapting to the latest marketing trends

Quotes from the Episode:

“There’s multiple phases of the content that you got to look at, right? So the first thing I always say is you gotta establish the goals.” [00:05:30]

“And that’s why I like the idea of having the teleprompter, or at least some kind of a bulletized notes where, you know, in between, um, you know, bullet points, you’re looking down, studying it, and then you’re looking back up and recording it.“ [00:18:25]

“if you put an ad out, what do you gotta do? It’s content. If you build your website, it’s content, uh, postcard content. Um, what did you have on a sales call with a, with a lead? Whatever comes out of your mouth is content. Um, so you’ve got to make sure you’re focusing on that. So I think that that’s extremely valuable.” [00:19:37]

Resources & Links:

Josh Culler
Email – josh@cullermedia.com

Michael Singletary

Check out https://clipscribe.com/

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