Crafting Your Messaging Toward Motivated Sellers ft. Adrian Nez

Adrian and I talk about crafting the right messaging towards your motivated and distressed sellers in order to bring the right attention your way. We also talked about how to structure your website the proper way to in order to get maximum results!

Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by Adrian Nez, head of customer strategy at Carrot, and these discuss marketing strategy, strategy planning for your website,

[00:05:22] – Adrian Nez’s background

[00:08:46] – Strategy planning

[00:11:05] – Credibility

[00:15:11] – Ways to curb skepticism and build credibility

[00:22:09] – Things that should always be on your website
1) Show you’re a local company
2) Show testimonials
3) Transparency, be the face of your company

Quotes from the Episode:

“When you go into a real business you should have a plan in place. How are you going to capture attention? Where are you going to advertise? What are you going to say, who is you, customer?” [00:08:56]

“I don’t believe in marketing everywhere. Market in the right place.” [00:09:17]

“Your job as the problem solver is that when you understand your customer, not only should you know what their problem is and what the solution is, but also what their initial objections are.” [00:11:46]

“When you’re in the problem-solving business you’ve got to focus 100% on who you’re serving which is the motivated seller.” [00:16:40]


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