Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by Greg Helbeck and they talk about the importance of marketing in today’s context.

[00:03:35] – Greg Helbeck’s background

[00:06:07] – The market condition at Hudson Valley region

[00:10:27] – How should you market to qualified leads

[00:17:49] – How to position yourself in someone else shoe

[00:17:39] – Qualifying leads the easy way

Quotes from the Episode:

“I always felt like reputation can be one of your best marketing strategies. All I can possibly do if you build that reputation up, but you follow through with, no matter what you do.“ [00:18:21]

The daily numbers that are going on in your business. Because if you don’t know how many leads are coming in, how many offers got made, how many contracts got signed, you have nothing to tell a coach. You have nothing to tell somebody on Facebook. You have no way to get help because nobody knows what your numbers are.” [00:21:45]

“If you’re a company and you have not created a media presence. And you have not become a media company. You’re going to get left in the dust by everybody else who has, whether you’re an investor, an entrepreneur, you’re raising capital.” [00:12:34]

“you can just film that right there and then bam, that goes out to LinkedIn, Instagram, you know, Facebook. It needs to go out to all of them because different people get their content different places.”[00:16:34]

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Email – josh@cullermedia.com

Greg Helbeck

John Martinez

Jimmy Ogle


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