If you’re an active real estate investor and you’re not maximizing the potential of Google My Business, then you possibly missing out on a lot of deal. In a day and age of digital marketing and customers are more than ever, reading reviews from past customers, it’s important to build out Google my Business for your business. I bring on Rockstar turnkey investor out of Columbus, OH, Dave Payerchin to talk about how he’s utilizing GMB!

Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by Dave Payerchin and they talk about Google My Business, focusing on going deep into your market, and private lending.

[00:05:04] – Dave Payerchin’s background

[00:14:45] – The importance of YouTube to search engines

[00:24:48] – Why you should be buying and holding

[00:27:07] – How to get 3.5% money for rentals, increase your cash flow, and decrease your risk

Quotes from the Episode:

“Be the big fish in a small pond rather than scaling too quickly and spreading yourself too thin.” [00:10:03]

“Take one piece of content and turn it into a whole bunch of content.” [00:13:17]

“If you’re taking your profits from wholesale deals and just reinvesting for more profits, you’re using taxable dollars, at highly taxed dollars to put out their for more profit of highly taxed dollars, it’s really expensive and basically a bottomless pit.” [00:25:07]

“It’s not about how many deals you do, it’s about how much money you make and keep.” [00:32:06]


Dave Payerchin
Website – http://www.columbusturnkeyhouses.com/about-us/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/columbusturnkey/
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/dave-payerchin-7811a769/

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