Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by Melissa Johnson and they talk about building credibility and testimonials in real estate.

[00:04:14] – Melissa Johnson’s background

[00:05:27] – Testimonials as a great way to build credibility

[00:10:07] – Being relevant is more important than seeking attention

[00:12:07] – Better Business Bureau

Quotes from the Episode:

“What are people’s experiences with you? And you know, one way to do that is by collecting these testimonials, whether it’s, you know, video testimonials or written testimonials, and really using those in your marketing.” [00:05:30]

“You’ve got younger people inheriting properties from their parents, but then you’ve got older people who are looking to downsize or they’re, you know, they’re ill, they need to go into assisted living or something.“ [00:11:55]

“My generation is getting into that age where we can start, you know, being marketed to for that specific need.” [00:12:37]

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Josh Culler
Email – josh@cullermedia.com

Melissa Johnson

Better Business Bureau®

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