Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by Henry Kaminski and they talk about the importance of marketing in today’s context.

[00:03:35] – Henry Kaminski’s background

[00:08:07] – People’s hopes and dreams, pains and gains

[00:11:27] – The importance of branding in the success of a company

[00:20:49] – How great brands are built

Quotes from the Episode:

“Motivated sellers, people that are looking to sell a house because of some motive, some form of motivation or distress.“ [00:06:37]

“What do they need from you? How do you make them feel. What problem are they trying to solve professionally and personally.” [00:08:45]

“The big deal is hitting them at the right time. There’s no magic formula with followup.”[00:13:34]

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Henry Kaminski

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