Create UNLIMITED Video Topics for Real Estate Investors & Wholesalers

Today we dive into one of the biggest challenges for real estate investors: creating engaging video content. Whether you’re sharing on social media, YouTube, or podcasts, coming up with video topics can feel daunting. In this episode, I’ll share practical strategies to generate endless content ideas that will help you connect with your audience and grow your business. From case studies to leveraging ChatGPT, you’ll walk away with actionable steps to enhance your video marketing game.

Episode Highlights

[00:00] Introduction to the biggest challenge in creating video content

[01:22] The principle of content marketing for real estate investors

[02:59] Using case studies to create compelling video topics

[06:08] Structuring your video content with the story brand framework

[10:05] Gathering video topics from seller questions and testimonials

[12:12] Leveraging ChatGPT for creating a vast array of video topics

[15:17] Conducting walkthroughs for engaging video content

[20:09] Additional advanced techniques using tools like Answer the Public and TubeBuddy

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