Using Virtual Assistants in Marketing ft. Robert Nickell CEO of Rocket Station

Episode Summary:

Many real estate investors know about using virtual assistants and a lot of businesses use them, but have you ever thought about using them for marketing? Marketing is a very intricate part of your business but has to be done, but done consistently and done well. So how exactly can you strategically outsource your marketing to a virtual assistant? I’m happy to have my friend Robert Nickell, CEO of Rocket Station on the line to talk about outsourcing your marketing effectively to virtual assistants! 

[00:06:14] – Robert Nickell’s background
[00:11:27] – On growing the team organically
[00:10:07] – How to create team culture from the start
[00:16:07] – The mindset to delegate task and outsource
[00:21:23] – How do you value yourself and setting the pricing

Quotes from the Episode:

“So we like to start with the systems, the processes, the end in mind. And then we think
hiring people and having team members” [00:10:30]

“I think it's whether you're managing people virtually remotely or they're in an office, I
think the principles really are the same. I think you manage the outcomes and to the
end result and not to task, and then you create transparency.“ [00:13:25]

“There are virtual assistants. There are people on this planet that know how to run
marketing better than you do. And that's every facet of marketing that is managing direct
mail campaigns that is managing and building your websites out and building the SEO
and stuff like that. So delegating your weaknesses, I think is a really key.“ [00:16:25]

“If you value yourself more than $10 an hour, that's what we charge. So you can hire
less than that on your own. If you value your time more than that, then those are the
tests that you should be.“ [00:23:25]

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