Marketing always costs money…..this is actually a myth. Sometimes there are marketing techniques out there to bring you deals without having to spend a cent. RJ Bates does deals in crazy markets like Hawaii and Alaska, so in order to get deals, he’s had to be creative with the way he markets. Listen in as he’s gives some tips on how he spends no money on some marketing.

Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by RJ Bates and they talk about running profitable FB ads and dominating the market.

[00:03:54] – RJ Bates’s background

[00:06:27] – How to market and advertise real property for cheap

[00:10:07] – Postcard marketing vs social media

[00:13:07] – The mindset to have about entrepreneurship

[00:21:23] – Flipping properties on facebook

Quotes from the Episode:

“You’ve got to have a marketing budget. What you do, there are things that you’re going to have to spend marketing dollars on, but guys, there are free things that you could do with marketing.” [00:06:30]

“I jokingly say almost everybody out there spends a couple of days, a couple of minutes a day on the toilet, and most of the time you’re going to be looking at your cell phone. Um, why not be trying to buy a house instead of reading about what somebody ate for lunch or, you know, their sob story.“ [00:07:25]

“There’s people out there that complain about the market, the market being saturated, and depending the market that they’re actually in, they complain about it, but then they also don’t want to do these easy little things that you can do to kind of skirt around.“ [00:16:25]

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