Episode Summary:

Closing over the phone is a pretty big deal especially in the conditions of the market today, but what are thing that you need to know in order to do this effectively?   We have on the show Christian Marin out of the Orlando market to talk about how he has his real estate business set up to close 100% over the phone!

[00:05:33] – Christian Marin’s backstory 

[00:10:54] – Marketing to bring leads through the door

                       1) Direct Mail

                       2) Cold Calling

                       3) SMS

[00:15:45] – Marketing by season, when do you ramp up your marketing strategy?

[00:18:45] – Closing over the phone

[00:23:33] – Virtual Disposition 

[00:26:24] – Buy property on the front end

Quotes from the Episode:

“What investor would do in a walk through if the house, we just do it over the phone.” [00:20:44] 

“If you want to do a little bit of a higher volume then you definitely want to make sure you’re as efficient  as possible.” [00:22:11] 

“One of the main things is understanding your market and actually learning it. Know your market very well, know what your buyers want to buy and know your numbers.” [00:24:02]

“You have to understand the value of buying the property right on the front end.” [00:26:20] 

Resources & Links: 

Christian Marin

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/christianmarin_official/?hl=en

Website – http://www.capitalrepros.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/christian.marin.3785

Twitter – https://twitter.com/ChristianMMarin

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/christian-marin-b7b22861/

Resources Mentioned in the Episode 

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki – https://www.amazon.com/Rich-Dad-Poor-Teach-Middle/dp/B008BUHTLE/ref=sr_1_3?crid=25XLQHRTOAKWV&dchild=1&keywords=rich+dad+poor+dad&qid=1587240417&sprefix=Rich+dad+%2Caps%2C991&sr=8-3

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