Marketing In A Local Market Vs. A Virtual Market ft. Kris Ontiveros

Episode Summary:

Kris Ontiveros is an absolute rockstar when it comes to adjusting his marketing strategies in different markets and different conditions of those markets.
On this episode, I have Cashflow Kris break down what marketing he’s doing and how he’s adjusted his marketing during these strange times. Kris also operates in Phoenix and Cleveland which are completely different markets, so he also tells us what he’s doing differently between the two.

[00:03:55] – Kris Ontiveros’s background
[00:06:27] – Marketing strategy during a pandemic
[00:09:07] – Building up experience in text blasting
[00:16:07] – Mastering the proper timing when making the sales
[00:19:27] – Learning from other’s marketing campaigns

Quotes from the Episode:

“Cold calling works cold calling during a pandemic probably isn’t the best idea. So there’s definitely lots of different ways to do it. And so depending on your market, depending on, the seasonality within the market as well makes a big difference.” [00:06:30]

“Everybody’s doing text blasts and cold calling boots on the ground or something. That’s very, very interesting to me, just cause I have so much experience with that.“ [00:10:55]

“So then once you’ve qualified them, you’ve asked those questions, you’ve gone through like, okay, you know, they’re motivated now, what’s the next step that you take to, okay, so let’s, let’s talk about the prospects first.” [00:13:37]

“So you could reverse wholesale all day long. Cause I knew you had the strong buyers list, but this is something I’m warning people now. It’s like. The, where we’re at right now.”[00:18:37]

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