On this episode, Josh is joined by Jerry Green and they talk about the importance of self-marketing.

[00:03:35] – Jerry Green’s background

[00:12:07] – Building relationships with the seller

[00:19:27] – Creating solutions and being service driven

[00:23:49] – The example of how Apple succeeded

[00:25:49] – Change in digital marketing over the years

Quotes from the Episode:

“The connection side with people is more important than ever. Because people are home. They are setting their quarantine at their homes and stuff like that.“ [00:16:37]

“But what we have to look at is can we create a solution for someone and that meets their needs and meets our needs too as a business in regards to either profit margins we need to make or cashflow we need to create off the property.” [00:18:45]

“People want human interaction. They want personalized brand experiences with people. They want personalized experiences with anybody that’s providing any kind of a service.” [00:28:34]

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Josh Culler
Email – josh@cullermedia.com

Jerry Green

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