Becoming Confident with Content ft. Abhi Golhar

When putting content marketing out for your active real estate investing business, sometimes it can be tough to get on a video and shoot good content for your distressed sellers to find. Abhi Golhar, an investor out of Atlanta and media personality talks to us about how to become confident with the content you put out.

Episode Summary:

On this episode Josh is joined by Abhi Golhar and they discuss building a brand, believe/becoming as it applies to content and self awareness.

Quotes from the Episode:

“The certainty that you’re going to get judged is more fearful of the content that you’re creating, thought good continent, you’re fearful of what somebody else will think of you.” [00:06:54]

“This idea of believing yourself is one part of the equation, once you have the belief down then it’s becoming that person.” [00:09:57]

“Just start talking about something and get used to the camera and get used to that cadence and then eventually you’ll become that person that you never thought could exist and you’ll laugh at yourself because of this glass ceiling you put above your head.” [00:11:44]

“Everybody starts at zero, everybody’s got that first video that they’ve got to do, that first blog.” [00:12:02]


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